Increasing Market Share through Brand Positioning

There are many sites engaged in the business of selling electronic cigarettes online. The rise in the number of sites engaged in this business is primarily due to the product positioning of e-cigarettes by the manufacturers. They claim to help smokers quit the habit without side effects or too much effort by the smoker. This claim has attracted many a smoker who has been trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking. There are no scientific studies or documentation to support this claim by the manufacturers of this device. Yet the demand for the gadget is increasing exponentially day by day.

The Increasing Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

The word of mouth propaganda by persons who claim to have benefited from the use of the E-cigarette has resulted in increasing popularity of this device. Many smokers who are trying to quit or have managed to control the urge to smoke has also been instrumental in promoting the sales of this gadget. Peer-pressure too plays a major role in the wide spread use of the e-cigarette among smokers trying to quit. Although available in many shops, most users prefer to purchase electronic cigarettes online. This is attributed to the convenient payment options as well as the door delivery facilities offered by most online sites.

Advantages of Bulk Purchases

An advantage of promoting a wholesale electronic cigarette purchase is the ease of sourcing and supplying the consumables at economical prices that are much lower than retail prices. Thus the user can continue to use a brand he is comfortable with for a much lower price. This brand loyalty and larger customer base translates to greater profits for the manufacturers and promoters of the product. Although the life of an electronic cigarette is much longer than that of a conventional cigarette, the wear and tear over a period of time necessitates the investment in the next one.

Peer Groups and their Effect on E-Cigarette Sales

Most of the point of sales offers the facility to purchase electronic cigarettes at wholesale and retail prices. This means that purchasing a larger number of e-cigarettes would qualify the purchaser to heavy discounts. Many enterprising persons are taking advantage of this facility and purchasing the e-cigarettes in large volumes. They in turn sell the product to their peers. Thus the sales of particular brands and models are promoted by peer groups. This classic sales technique is used by many e-cigarette brands to capture a substantial market share and increase the sales of their product.

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