Tips to Quit Smoking with the help of e Cigarettes

Almost everyone is aware of the harmful effects of smoking. There is no doubt that smoking leads to a lot of health issues that may eventually lead to death. Nicotine acts in the brain and creates a great feeling which improves the smoker’s mood. This feeling of pleasantness will make a person smoke more which will eventually turn them into a nicotine addict. These days people who find it hard to quit smoking are turning to e-cigarettes.

A Brief Overview

It is believed that the first ever e-cigarette was invented by Herbert Gilbert in the late 60’s. Later in 2004, electronic cigarettes that were designed differently made its way into the Chinese market and were eventually introduced in the US market. E-cigarettes are otherwise known as personal vaporizers or in short, PV.  Instead of burning tobacco, the device heats up a liquid which turns into vapor. The act of inhaling is also known as ‘vaping’. E-Cigarettes are legal in many countries and are readily available both in online and retail stores. People who buy e- cigarettes online will generally by two or more e-liquid or e-juice to enjoy it at different occasions.

Working of e-cigarette

The e-cigarette contains a cartridge to hold the flavored liquid nicotine. The cartridge filler which is usually polyester soaked in e-juice and it comes in contact with the atomizer that heat up the liquid. The juice passes through the atomizer bridge and occupies a place in a reservoir. When the user inhales, the liquid gets to the ceramic atomizer pot which heats it up using the power derived from the battery. The resultant vapor formation is delivered to the user using a mouthpiece. The batteries used for e cigs may vary in size and power depending upon the size of the device. Some use an 1100 mAh battery while other devices may use a battery of lesser power.

Benefits of e-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes serve as one of the best alternates to keep chain smokers away from the harmful tobacco and its detrimental effects to the internal system. The absence of tobacco in the smoking device is rapidly getting attention from various groups of people. In addition the low prices and great offers you get when you buy e cigarette online is yet another reason why most people buy this device from online stores. To extend the battery life of a 1100 mAh battery in your personal vaporizer, it is important that you remove it from the device once it is fully charged and keep it free of moisture and dust.

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