Why Buy EVOD Twist Battery

The e-cig smoking trend began in 2003 when it was first introduced in China by Hon Lik. Over the next few years it spread to different parts of the world and today it is one of the fastest moving products on the internet. In fact, e-cigs owe much of their popularity to the reach of internet worldwide. These cigarettes are quite similar sin shape and appearance to normal cigarettes but less toxic and harmless in comparison. This means that unlike regular cigarettes you will not inhale nicotine or tar thereby making it a safe alternative for smokers. There are a number of stores online where you can buy these electronic cigarettes wholesale.

Why E-cigs

Most people prefer e-cigs not just because they are safe but also because they offer a number of options. Yes, unlike tobacco based cigarettes, you can choose from a wide selection range in terms of taste, flavor, color, size, brand and style. In fact, many wholesale stores online stock e-cig products from different companies. This means you can now choose an e-cig brand based on your individual preferences. Electronic cigarettes wholesale are not only attractive but also come with durable batteries that support a wide range of low resistance atomizers thus ensuring greater vapor production.

Finding the Best E-Cigarette

Authentic e-cigs are distributed widely and available at all leading retail and wholesale stores online. There are e-cigs that come with added features. For instance the best e-cigs come with a 1000 / 650 mAh battery along with a 510 atomizer. Some come with a cone for additional protection. Put simply, many people shop for electronic cigarettes wholesale because it is not only convenient or clean but also it helps in saving a substantial sum of money when compared to normal cigarettes.

EVOD Twist

The EVOD Twist battery comes with a spinning dial at the bottom that enables you to tweak the voltage output as per your vaping needs. There are markings that show you the exact voltage at which you are presently vaping at. It is very simple to use and the best part is it remains stable even when the battery gets depleted. These batteries are comparatively better than others as they offer protection against any short circuit. Lastly, it comes with a safety cut off and shuts down the battery in case of low voltage.

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