Cheap and Best Alternate to the Harmful Habit of Smoking

Smoking is very injurious to health. Every pack of cigarette that smokers buy has this same warning. Even after seeing the warning accompanied by a picture of a skull, people still smoke two to three packs of cigarettes a day. Once you start this dangerous habit of smoking, it becomes very hard to quit. But luckily for the hard core smokers, there is an alternate solution.

Why is it hard to Quit Smoking?

Cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine. The nicotine content in a single cigarette not just affects the respiratory system but also activates the brain’s pleasure sensors resulting in nicotine addiction. As a result a smoker will want to smoke more often. Even if he/she tries to quit, the body will experience withdrawal symptoms that will force the person to smoke again. If you are trying to quit smoking or looking for a much safer way to fulfil your craving to smoke you can buy wholesale electronic cigarettes in different flavors and smoke away.

What are E-Cigarettes?

An e-Cigarette, otherwise known as Personal Vaporizer or PV runs on a battery and simulates tobacco smoking. The aerosol that is emitted by e-cigarettes resembles smoke from a conventional tobacco cigarette. These e-cigs are considered one of the best alternates to smoking addiction. An atomizer that is a part of the e-cigs heats the flavored liquid or commonly called as e-juice to its boiling point. A smoker inhales and exhales this vapor and hence the process is called vaping. When buying wholesale e-cigarettes, you can also buy e-juice in a wide array of flavors to have a great experience.

Benefits of e-Cigs

Since there is no tar in e-cigs, it is considered one of the best alternates to tobacco rolled cigarettes. Wholesale electronic cigarettes use a flavored liquid with certain quantity of nicotine to simulate the experience of real smoking. Since there is zero-tobacco in these cigarettes, users do not have to worry about taking in the harmful tar into the lungs. In addition, e-cigs are comparatively cheaper than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Buying wholesale e-cigarettes will work out to be much economical. It comes in a lot of flavors such as apple, mint, banana, raspberry, green apple, menthol, mint chocolate and many others. These liquids when vaporized produce a big cloud of smoke that the users will absolutely love.

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