Tips for finding the Right Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarettes are gaining rapid popularity among people who want to quit smoking. There are two types of e-cigarettes available online, namely rechargeable and disposable e-cigs. While some people love the rechargeable versions, some prefer the disposable ones. Both have their own merits and demerits. But both disposable e-cigs and the rechargeable models offer an amazing vaping experience.

Disposable vs. Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarette comes in a variety of flavours just like rechargeable ones. But most of the times the flavour is limited. You can smoke a variety of flavours any time you want with a rechargeable electronic cigarette. The disposable versions are very convenient to use and does not cost a lot of money. You do not have to worry about recharging it or carrying a charger with you if you purchase a single disposable e-cigarette. Although the disposable e-cigs are comfortable and easy to use, it offers weaker performance when compared to the rechargeable electronic cigarettes. But if you are looking for a quick smoke and do not want to spend too much, then disposable cigarettes are the best choice.

Advantages of Rechargeable e-cigs

Although the cost of the rechargeable electronic cigarettes have a higher upfront cost when compared to disposable electronic cigarettes, a ‘vaper’ using the rechargeable cigs can save  lot of money in the long run. Since the device is equipped with a battery that can be charged numerous times, you get to have a minimum of 200-250 puffs with a standard capacity battery in one recharge cycle. If you buy a higher capacity battery the number of puffs increase. In addition, rechargeable versions offer an amazing performance producing big clouds of vapour which the user will absolutely enjoy.

Maintenance Tips

Single disposable e-cigarette or disposable electronic cigarettes does not need any cleaning. But in order to have a good vaping experience with its rechargeable counterpart, you need to keep the atomizer and battery area clean and free of any contaminants. If your e-cig does not produce enough vapours, then you need to clean the atomizer with a dry cloth. Presence of moisture can block the flow of vapours.  In addition, if you want your batteries to last for a longer time, try using them regularly. Most of the devices use lithium batteries which are designed for regular use. Not using them for a while or using them rarely can interrupt the flow of charge.

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