Benefits of electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes

Even though there are a number of awareness programs worldwide against smoking tobacco, there are over 40 million of smokers in United States alone. Smoking cigarettes are known to cause hazardous effects to the body causing deaths of millions every year across the globe. Electronic cigarette, which was first invented in China, has come as a boon for the smokers. Many mistake it for a regular one owing to its appearance. However, one of the basic differences between the both is that e-cigs are tobacco-free. It is actually a vaporizer and instead of burning the tobacco, it heats up a liquid, which releases vapor. Some of the benefits of e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes are:

  1. Electronic cigarettes are less addictive than the regular cigarette and this fact has been proved by the researchers. Even though, the electronic cigarette juice contains nicotine, it is not as addictive as the regular ones as vapor is released when the liquid is heated and this vapor lessens the effect of nicotine.
  2. E-cigs do not contain tobacco and other toxic substances like the regular ones. It also does not produce tar and you can get rid of gulping 4000+ chemicals and 40 carcinogens that are produced when you burn the tobacco.
  3. It is environment friendly and is cost-effective as compared to the regular cigarettes. It is reusable and lasts up to more than 800 puffs and hence, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a regular basis.
  4. It also offers the freedom to vape anywhere and at anytime. You can even vape in smoke-free places as it does not emit smoke, which affects the surroundings, releasing a long-lasting smell.

Last but not the least, electronic cigarettes liquid are flavored and today, a wide variety of electronic cigarette flavors are available in the market. E Cigarette China is one of the best online retail store, where you can find a huge choice of e-cigs, batteries, e-juice and its flavors.

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