How to extend the battery life of your electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, this new and effective alternative does not have any adverse effect on health. This new smoking device comes with numerous benefits; however, it is essential for the users know about the device in order to ensure effective and efficient performance. It is an electronic device that makes use of a battery to generate power for operation. But, with time the battery starts wearing out and needs to be replaced. The battery life plays an important role in the performance of electronic cigarette. Even though, lithium-ion polymer batteries have become popular over the disposable ones; however, even these batteries wear out if they aren’t taken care of in the proper way. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to extend the battery life of your electronic cigarette.

Use the E-cigarette regularly: The battery of the e-cig is just like the batteries used in all sorts of electronic devices, which are designed for regular and frequent usage. The more frequently you will use it; the better will be its performance in terms of power supply and it will also last for a longer duration.

Unscrew your cartomizer when not in use: When you are not using your e-cig, it is always better to remove the cartomizer. Many users are unaware of the fact that even when you are not vaping, the cartomizer reduces the power of the battery and if you want the life of the battery to be longer, it is important to remove it when not in use.

Avoid fully draining your battery: One of the most important things that should be kept in mind is that you should not completely drain your battery.

Keep your batteries clean: Keeping the battery clean is another essential thing to extend its life. It often happens that a little amount of e-liquid can leak out, which can damage the battery and will wear out faster. Hence, cleaning it frequently will help in extending its life span.

These are some of the ways to extend the battery life of your electronic cigarette. E-Cigarette China is the best online store that sells e-cigs, black e cigarette starter kit, and battery along with other accessories.

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